First Strike

Jackie Chan set against the backdrop of the international arms race, Chan portrays a Hong Kong police officer who is contracted by the CIA and a Russian intelligence organization to retrieve a stolen Ukrainian nuclear warhead. In First Strike, Chan takes his daredeviltry to a new level as he skis off of a ski jump and onto a helicopter. In another scene, he fights off a great white shark.

Jackie..............................Jackie Chan
Jackson Tsui..................Jackson Lou
Annie Tsui....................Annie Wu
Uncle Bill.......................Bill Tung
Col. Gregor Yegorov....Yuri Petrov
Uncle Seven...................Terry Woo
Natasha...........................Grishajeva Nonna
MarkJackson..................John Eaves

Police Story 3 - SUPERCOP

Jackie Chan is sent to mainland China to work undercover with the police who have captured Panther, a leading member of a major criminal gang. Teamed with a by-the-book female detective played by Michelle Khan, Chan befriends Panther (who knows the details of the gang's operations) and organizes their escape to Hong Kong, where he meets the head of the gang face to face. Among the many highlights is the final chase, where a helicopter (which Chan is hanging onto) crashes onto a speeding train, while Khan makes an amazing motorcycle jump onto the same train.

Chan performs his own state of the art stunts in this action epic.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Michelle Khan, Maggie Chung Man-Yuk, Yuen Wah.

The Drunken Master II

DrunkeMaster II is the essential action movie of the century.From bamboo fights, flame throwing, benches onto heads and non-stop action. Jackie's sequel to his 1978 smash has all the elements of the 70's flick with the 90's twist. Through the years his action and choreography have been shined to perfection. Enter Ken Lo, lighting foot. His kicks explode on screen as he tries to put his foot through Jackie's stomach. The last fight sequence has been said to taken four months to film. The scramble through the fire coals has to be seen to be believed, and of course theres is Liu Kang from MK.

The Armour Of God

Jackie Chan is a modern-day buccaner. Among the many curious trophies of his adventures he finds some ancient religious artifact, "Armour Of God". Jackie sells the armour to an antique collector, for the rigt price.

  • But there are others who also place a high price on the relics, the followers of an evil ancient cult. They kidnap the only woman Jackie ever truly cared for.
  • To trade the armour for the girl Jackie first has to borrow it back from Bannon. He agrees, but only if his beautiful daughter goes along to keep an eye on the treasure. Enlisting the help from an old friend the three quickly become embroiled in a heady cocktail of death-defying stunts, danger and double-cross as Jackie fihts to win the day, the love of Bannons daughter, and the "Armour Of god"....

Cast: Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Lola Forner,
 Rosamund Kwan.

The Protector

New York has a new weapon- The Protector. He's a cop with his own way of enforcing the law. He's tough and he's smart, with nerves of steel and an arsenal to match. Those foolish enough to cross him must face his deadliest weapon himself.

  • Jackie Chan is Billy Wong. Follow him from the streets of New York to the neon-lit back alleys of Hong Kong.
  • When ancient Chinese customs clash head-on with the modern day underworld, the result is an explosive and action-packed thriller.

    Cast: Jackie Chan, Danny Aiello

    With: Roy Chiao, Victor Arnold, Kim Bass, Richard Clarke, Saun Ellis, Ronan O'Casey, Bill Wallace

Dragon Lord

Lungshan is a sleepy prosperous Southeren Chines city until some unscrupulous outsiders and two rich men manange to turn it inside out with a conspiracy to sell treasure from the Forbidden City to wealty foreigners.

  • Dragon Ho (Jackie Chan) and his friend Cowboy accidentally strumble on this secret and in an effort to save this historic and priceless treasure they enter into a furious fight to beat the Big Boss and his soldiers.
  • Stunning action from the masters of martial arts..

    Cast: Jackie Chan, Mars, Chen Hui-Min, Sidney Yim, Whang In-Sik

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Hong Kong 1930. Jackie a country boy, is cheated out of his meagre belongings and left pennyless. When he comes to the rescue of Park, an underworld boss who has been mortally wounded in a gang war. Park passes the gang leadership to Jackkie by a misstake..

  • Proving himself with an exhilarating demonstration of his fighting ability, jackie finds himself boss to half of the Hong kong underworld.
  • Jackie fights in the middle of a marketplace with richsaws and fruit. The action accelerates as Jackie tangles with 'The Tiger' - the rival mobsters who Killed Park - and finaly explodes into mindspinning feats of combat on the whole Tiger gang....

    Cast: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Richard Ng, Bill Tung, Gua Ah Leh, Gloria Yip, Billy Lau

Rumble In The Bronx

There are no stand-ins and no stunt doubles. Just non-stop action. Jackie goes crazy in the gang headquarters, fighting with refrigerators, shopping carts and an ottoman.

Jackie breaks his ankle jumping off a bridge onto a moving hovercraft, and barefoot waterskis with a broken ankle.

Chan performs his own state of the art stunts in this action epic.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Francoise Yip

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Drunke Master

Jackie Chan is sent to train under his
uncle a wine guzzling master famous for cripling his students.

Desperate to escape from his uncle's cruel regime, he flees, but is confronted by a hired assassin. Angry, ashamed, hungry for revenge he returns to his drunken master.

Drunken master ushered in the genre
of comedy kung fu.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Yuen Siu Tien,
Hwang Jang Lee


Hongkong, the last night of British rulership. Detective Inspector Lee, close friend to Consul Han Solon, manages to prevent precious pieces of China's history being smuggled out of the country. Two years later - Consul Han is living in Los Angeles with his family - Crime Lord Juntao takes revenge on him by abducting his young daughter Soo Yung. Han does not ...

With the time running out, they must
join forces to catch the criminals.

The fastest hands in the east
The biggest mouth in the west.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker


Left for dead after a brutal CIA double-cross, a lone commando must struggle to regain his memory and expose an international espionage ring before they can unleash a powerful and lethal new energisource.

Jackie Fights his way across continents
and faces assassins and sinister plots
at every turn.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Michelle Ferre,
Mirai Yamamoto