The Jackie Chan History

Birth Name:
Chan Kong-sang
Date of Birth:
7th April 1954
Zodiac sign:
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
5' 9" (1.74m)
Eye colour:
Hair colour:

Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong on 7th April 1954. He was named Chan Kong Sang.
Chan is the son of Lee-Lee and Charles Chan, who emigrated to Canberra, Australia in 1960
as refugees from the Chinese Civil War. Prior to leaving China, Lee-Lee and Charles had worked
as a maid and butler, respectively, for the French ambassador to Hong Kong.

Jackie changed his name, as all students (at the opera house) did, to Yeun Lau in respect for his teacher.
Jackie Chan at the young age 7 was sold bye his parents to a Chinese opera house.
At the opera house he learned many things like the martial arts and how to sing.
The people who ran it were quite brutal. After his 10 years at the opera house he left.

At 17 he started in the movies as a stunt man, but later started making his own movies,
those first few movies were flops because the were not orignal, they were copies of Bruce Lee's style,
they were copies because Jackie was hyped as being the heir to Bruce Lee.
But later Jackie created his own style by incorporating physical comedy
with cool stunts and awsome action,
this created his own style and that made him a sucees in the Asian movie market.

In the early eighties Jackie Chan tried to make it big in the United States by making movies in here, but they were all flops because he was (or the directors) trying too much to be like the american action movie star, which as you probally know is not his style.

In 1994, MTV honored Chan with a lifetime achievement award for his action-oriented movies,

In Febuary of 1996 Jackie Chan (really new line cinema) released "Rumble in the Bronx, which in its
first week top the box office with a weekend gross of $11 million.

  • Jackie Chan has a star on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong as well as the Walk of Fame. Chan is also known as a major pop star in Asia, and he released over 100 song titles in 20 albums since 1984. He sings in many different languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.

  • Chan is one of the most well-known philanthropists in Hong Kong, and has worked tirelessly to champion many charity works and causes. As a well-respected figure of the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

  • Jackie Chan got the Best Actor award for the 14th China's Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival 2005 for his role in NEW POLICE STORY (2004).


Jackie Chan is the living legend and certenly the greatest star of Hong Kong cinema.
Chan was born of humle origin in mainland China and indentured as a child in the peking
opera, he was a teenage member of the famous troupe called the Seven Little Fortune,
which included Samo Hung and Yen Biao who also mauted into giants of Hong Kong cinema.
Jackie Chan has over the years developed his own unique style incorporating amazing action
with a strong comic bias. Jackie Chan has both directed and starred in a string of international hits, since his breakthroug with the Drunken Master...